New clutch guard for Ducati Hypermotard 950

You asked about it several times, so now Gabriele is struggling with the new clutch guard for Ducati Hypermotard 950! Manufacturing will start shortly, are you ready for the summertime?

CRAZY about Triumphs

Everyone in Hollywood is crazy about Triumphs! Such as Ryan Reynolds who owns a small collection. Also in Evotech we have several passionates of this brand. And you? which brand do you love most?

License plate holder for Benelli BN 125

We have redesigned the license plate holder for the new Benelli BN 125. The new support bracket allows to reduce the weight compared to the original one. It also gives more modern and attractive design!

Some doubts

Someone is able to tell me how can be used it?

Details of the new Brevo Project

We want to reveal other details of the new Brevo project. Coming soon

New Brevo is coming

We had anticipated it and finally here we are, it is testing time. The new Brevo by Evotech has run its first kilometres on track with great success. Stay tuned to our social networks, the official launch is very close.

A dedicated tail tidy for Aprilia RS660!

Also, the new Aprilia RS660 will have its own dedicated license plate holder. For this model we have designed an exclusive support bracket characterized by a modern and minimal design. What do you think?

Care and attention

Our technicians follow every stage of production, paying the same care and attention as if it were an accessory fit on their own motorcycle.

Keanu Reeves is one of us!

Keanu Reeves is one of us! He is passionate about the motorcycles world, in 2011 he also became a manufacturer of exclusive very limited edition motorcycles! Did you know it? By the way, about this photo ... who knows if Panigale was fitted with any Evotech components.

Re-designing the Triumph Trident tail tidy

We have been thinking to re-engineer the low tail tidy of Triumph Trident with one higher, undertail. The fixing bracket has a unique design, and it is as usual machined from aluminium billet. Now it is definitely better, isn’t it?

Brevo Project 2021 - final preparations

Biagio just picked up the last components for the new Brevo project 2021. We will reveal it shortly, for the moment check out our stories … we will give you some clues!

New frame slider for Triumph Trident

Do you think the new Triumph Trident will be successful? we liked it. We present the frame slider with support bracket specially designed for this model. What do you think?

The thought of the day

Biagio and the thought of the day: “ is this the left or the right? Do you think?

Emiliano and our 3-axis machine

Emiliano is struggling with 3-axis machine who is manufacturing Evotech Ergal nuts! Will be he focused on work or will he be thinking about coffee break?


Evotech fender eliminator

As we realized that the letters R of the new CBR 1000RR-R are too much…we focused on the assembly of the new Evotech fender eliminator that our team specially designed for this model. We really hope you love it!

Biagio is ready for another tour

Biagio is ready for another tour and some others interesting pick-ups. Which motorcycle will walk through the door in Evotech factory?

Frame sliders for Honda CBR 1000RR-R

Evotech new frame sliders are also available for the new Honda CBR 1000RR-R. By the way....how many letter R does it have?

Biagio on the road!

Biagio is ready for another road! But…where is Giustino??

A new project!

In few weeks we will reveal to you the new BREVO project. In the meantime, Gabriele is working on one of the frames!

Honda CBR 1000RR-R tank cap

We took the new Honda CBR 1000RR-R, we disassembled it and customized with our special parts. What do you think about the tank cap?


On the road with Biagio and Giustino

We are on the road today with Biagio and Giustino who, after proving that he can open the company’s doors, is learning the art of deliveries!

Biagio and Matteo

A coffee break with Biagio and Matteo. they never stop to talk about their job and ....bends

Plate holder Honda CB650R

We installed our licence plate holder on the new Honda CB650R. what do you think about it?

frame opinion

The exchange of views is part of our daily working life. In this way we can find the best technical solutions!

Honda CB650R frame slider

We reiterate frequently that we are proud of our 2.0 frame sliders. This time installed on the new Honda CB650R. Visit our website www.evotech-rc.com to see all the accessories designed for this model.

Giustino dog delivery

Another day of special deliveries for Biagio. It will not be alone but with his faithful navigator "Giustino" dog!


processo produttivo evotech quarto step


Fourth step: after completing the manufacturing of the product, it is shipped to an external company which specialises in the anodic surface treatment. As soon as this step is finished the piece comes back in Evotech for the quality control stage. Later our experts mark the item with a laser machine and lastly placed inside its dedicated package. All Evotech products are identified by an alphanumeric code and finally stored in the warehouse where they will be ready to be quickly shipped to our customers.

Evotech Ducati Streetfighter V4 S

New accessories for the Ducati beast. We present the Streetfighter V4 S Evotech Edition! The model features a masterpiece, a Virex exhaust system! Who wants to hear it started?


processo produttivo evotech terzo step


Third step: once the 3D model of the basic project has been verified, a bill of material is created and defined. The parts that cannot be made in Evotech such as gaskets, bolts and nuts, plexiglass, etc. are being ordered from some suppliers. Later, we proceed towards the determination of the production methodology, then passing through the definition of the tooling, the CAM programming and finally the first production test of the piece.

Evotech manufacturing plant

We have mentioned a product that will debut within a few months. Manufacturing is still ongoing. We look forward to share this project with you!

Evotech manufacturing process 2


Second step: once the accurate laser scanning of the component is finished, reverse engineering is carried out. The digital model of the serial part is rebuilt using CAD. A new geometry is created and it will serve to set the bases of the mathematical model for the new product. After the design validation, the model is printed in polymeric material using an advanced 3D printer. This step is necessary to have visual feedback and to verify functional coupling.


aluminum pinion cover

We are working on a new product for KTM engines, aluminum pinion cover machined from the billet with windows that facilitates inspection of the pinion. In particular, for the Duke 790/890 model there is also an internal slider chain made of a special polymer material also available as spare part. This component is able to contain the movements of the chain during the downshift phase. Available from December 2020.

Evotech manufacturing process


First step: everything starts with the selection of a motorcycle model that will be provided by one of our partners. Once the bike is in Evotech factory, our team starts with the acquisition of motorcycle’s shapes. The original accessory is being disassembled and scanned in several passes through a 3D laser scanner. The laser, every second, gets over 100.000 points. Each square millimeter therefore contains a very high amount of information. Once the acquisition is completed, the shapes in their raw state are reworked on the computer, thus preparing the file from which you can start working.

Evotech MiniGP 2021

From drawings to manufacturing. Our new project for 2021 is taking shape more and more. Guess what is it?

brake lever guard


Brake lever guards: the brake lever guards, in case of collision, prevents the inadvertent clamped off of the front brake. Aware that the product can make the difference, we decided to produce it with a parabola design detail. That element avoids the rider, in case of collision, from being blocked by the lever guard.


a project for you

We want to start talking about a project entirely engineered by us. A product that will be the expression of our knowledge and skills. A product for YOU. 2021.

Brevo PM3 development

The refinement of the cycling and aerodynamic of our Brevo PM3 continues unabated

engine covers


Engine covers: we have chosen to produce engine covers in aluminum because, in addition to their main protective function, they are able to increase the radiating surface of the motorcycle. The surface of the component, although only minimally, helps to dissipate the heat from the engine.

protezioni moto protezioni forcelle


Forks protectors: the system includes a pair of aeronautical aluminum bushings held on the fork legs by a steel tie-rod. High resistant polymer sliders are fixed on the bushings. In case of sliding, the high-density polyethylene slider will absorb the impact. The slider will suffer the deterioration but will maintain intact the relevant components.

Brevo PM3 at the Imola Circuit

Our Brevo PM3 lastweek end at the Imola Circuit!

Aprilia RSV4 Aprilia Tuono V4

Customization in progress..


brake disks


Brake discs: a large disc could be counterproductive because of the response of the bike. Indeed it suffers from the increases of the inertia moment of the disc itself. The best compromise would be to minimize the diameter and work more on a high performance caliper.

Aprilia RSV4

Thanks to the collaboration with Nicola Visentin, a point of reference for the Aprilia world, we created a new products line for the Aprilia RSV4. Soon available on our website www.evotech-rc.com

forks dynamic handling


Forks: the motorbike pitch and trim angle can be varied in a simple and fast way by modifying the extraction of the forks in relation to the triple clamps. However, this change must be regulate by a good mechanic who will measure the size through a caliber or through the references usually placed on the upper part of the fork stems. The cons of this regulation is the consequent variation in the weight distribution.

Ducati Panigale V2

Here we are! We have completed the customization of the new Ducati Panigale V2! For this model we have produced a large list of accessories that includes: bar ends, ergal nuts, paddock stands bobbins, fuel cap, oil filler cap, license plate holder, anti-shock frame sliders, brake lever and fork protectors and others. Visit our official website www.evotech-rc.com

dynamic handling triple clamps


Triple clamps: the dynamic handling of a motorcycle can be customized operating on the triple clamps offset (the distance between the conjunction of the axles of the two forks and the steering pivot). It can change the trail and the pitch of the motorcycle varying the bike’s performance.

evotech shirt

From a partnership with Alpinestars we have created the “Paddock Line” branded Evotech! Men and women shirts are available. Contact us for info and prices!




Sprocket & pinion: for all who are looking for maximum performance. They must conside that the sprocket and pinion diameters can change the dynamic handling and performance of the motorcycle. For example, in low powered motorcycles, having a larger sprocket than a smaller one, involves a lower frictional force because the load is distributed over several teeth.

Logistics and administrative Evotech Team

We present the administrative and logistics staff of Evotech!

catene corone pignoni variazioni di rapporto


Variations: changing a pinion tooth, the variation of the ratio is, approximately, about twice the variation that will be obtained by changing the sprocket tooth. In addition, a greater variation can be obtained by changing a pinion tooth than a sprocket tooth.