No cut anti-shock frame sliders SUZUKI GSX-R 600/750 '11-'17

cod. art. STDA-013

€140 + iva

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The new Evotech anti-shock frame sliders have been designed and manufactured with the aim to absorb the impact in the event of a fall. This means that the impact is absorbed by the slider, rather than affecting directly the frame

In the event of a fall, the slider is pushed towards a calibrated spacer with a growing diameter. This produces a slider's deformation thus lowering the energy caused by the impact.

Tests carried out in both laboratory and street conditions showed a significant decrease in the stress transmitted to the frame compared to the common sliders.

The slider is made of a plastic material mix which includes fibreglass. It combines high impact absorption and abrasion resistance to low friction with the asphalt. In this way the pad slides on the asphalt without excessively consuming itself and without causing dangerous jamming.

The aerodynamic shape of the slider not only gives a more aggressive look to the bike, but also reduces to the minimum the possibility that the slider is locked on if hitting an obstacle.

On the plastic pads is also engraved a graduated scale that in case of a fall will give an indication of the impact strength.

The main body is aircraft grade billet aluminium and finished in a black anodisation for longevity. Its diameter and section are both calibrated to further reduce the stress led to the frame in the event of a fall.

Evotech supplies spare parts for each product.

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spare parts -exploded view