Antishock frame sliders for Ducati Streetfighter V4 S '20

cod. art. DEFA-064

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New evotech anti-shock frame sliders have been designed and manufactured with the aim to absorb the impact in the event of a fall. The impact is taking up by the slider rather than being transmitted directly to the frame.
Both the tests carried in the laboratory and the practical experience showed a significant decrease about the stress transmitted to the frame compared to the common sliders.
The aerodynamic shape of the slider not only gives a more aggressive look to the bike, but it specially reduces to the minimum the possibility that the slider is locked on some obstacle.
The main body is aircraft grade billet aluminum and finished in a black anodization for longevity. Its diameter and section are calibrated to further reduce the stress led to the frame in the event of a fall. Evotech supplies spare parts for each product.


In addition to the shock absorption function, controlled failure points have been included in this kit in the case of big impacts.
In this extreme situation, the system collapses on the central screw section which tends to bend; this happens at the connection point between the main body and the bushing; therefore, a technopolymer bushing has been included and it becomes protective for the frame.

Data Sheet

We recommend using 90/95 Nm tightening torque. Apply lubricating grease during fastening

Download Tutorial: working characteristics and assembling instructions

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