BREVO was born from the multi-year experience of former world championship rider Domenico Brigaglia and Evotech Srl, specialized in special parts manufacturing machined from aluminium for motorcycle world.


Domenico has found the best possible partnership in Evotech because the company designs and produce all the components “in-house” and consequently is able to take care of any improvements necessary to optimize every single product that leaves the factory.


The main purpose of this new brand is and is going always to be to create cycling components of high engineering quality, which are performing and of high technology. Hence the birth of Evotech’s first prototype, PM3 2019/2020. It has achieved a great success with Filippo Bianchi's podium in the in the Italian Speed Championship Pre Moto3. Brevo has therefore established itself as leader brand among the European manufacturers of cycling parts.

The organisation of motorcycles production is now in full set-up inside the Evotech factory. The company is organising the components manufacturing as well as providing the proper service necessary to give the right support to the racing teams who will purchase the new PM3.


The company is also working on another ambitious project, that of Moto2. The motorcycle that is currently under construction, is secretly kept in the Evotech "black room" until its official presentation.


This is not a point of arrival but rather a starting point for a new kind of product able to highlight the quality of “Made in Italy” or better of “Made in Trentino”.




brevo racing department