Evotech is a company from Trentino. It designs and manufactures high-tech aftermarket components for the motorcycle market, of course 100% Made in Italy.

The company's strengths are 3:

The quality of assistance, a team of experts is always ready to answer and support the customers

Fast deliveries: orders are being processed as quickly as possible thanks to the well-stocked warehouse.

Evotech products are all plug & play, the customer can fit them by himself without modifying his bike.



Behind the product range that Evotech offers, there is a laboratory where our team continuously evolves its know-how. This defines a constant growth of Evotech technological level. The product is conceived from the passion to get the best, enriched with the creativity of a perfect Italian style that uses the most modern CAD / CAE software.

One of the company purpose is to concentrate and bring the main production activities in-house in order to maximize its responsiveness to the market and respond as quickly as possible to customer requests. Particular attention is paid to products development and to our strengths: system functionality, simplicity of assembly, unique design and style and efficient production chain.

Evotech, through the reverse engineering system (Scan Arm CAM2 Faro) can quickly and precisely scan any shape or part of a motorcycle.
The highly specialized designers model these details to adapt them to specific applications and finally they make the necessary tests with a Rapid Prototyping system.


A complete line of CNC working centres controlled by two different CAMs create Evotech masterpieces. 3-axis and 5-axis milling machines, as well as the recent 5-axis multitasking turning centre, allow to have a wide range of products both simple and complex to face customers’ needs.


Each product before the selling follows a specific procedure: Product or product family definition, draft for its style, reverse engineering of its possible applications, CAD Design, CAE (Computer Added Engineering - Solidworks) for static and dynamic structural analysis, prototype manufacturing through rapid prototyping, prototype test on motorcycle or on special test benches, aesthetic and functional product validation, feasibility study and CAM programming (Delcam, Hypermill), production of pre-series, tests on the bike on track or on the road, final testing, serial production, surface treatments, laser marking, packaging.

Along this process the product is subject to continuous improvements which makes it finally perfect!


Evotech chases the "100% Italian Product" policy and the products exported all over the world proudly carry the words "Made with passion in Italy".




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